Empennage Nearly Complete

Horizontal Stabilizer nearly complete

I started the morning by drilling out and replacing the remaining rivets from the rear spar channel which had not seated properly (see previous post). Then Chris and I spent a few hours updrilling and deburring the skins for the horizontal stabilizer. The left side is now completed. I'm waiting on a replacement for T03-03 before completing the right side. 48.52 hours so far.

Lessons Learned

This past Sunday I was anxious to finish the empennage. I tried squeezing rivets with the pneumatic riveter even though it didn't quite fit. Upon examining the rivets I found about a third didn't seat properly. I marked the suspect rivets and am now drilling them out and redoing with a manual rivet squeezer. Haste does, in fact, make waste!

Mistake! T03-03, Rear Spar Attach Clip

I managed to double-drill the right side horizontal stabilizer rear spar attach clip. The holes are overlapping and offset by about an eighth of an inch. I suspect I'll need to order or make another clip - I have an email into Sonex tech support to get their advice.

Fortunately I have a few days of business travel coming up so I won't be facing any construction delays while I wait for parts.

Elevator Horn

22.27 man hours into the build, I completed the elevator drive horn. I need to pick up a manual rivet gun - the pneumatic one won't reach into the tight spaces near the shaft.

Also, I have an email into Sonex tech support to confirm that I don't need to attach the hardware for a trim tab control cable.

New Rivet Fan

The good folks at Aircraft Spruce shipped the rivet fan in time for this weekend's work. I could drill the rows of evenly spaced rivets without it, but this sure makes it easy. The fan is stamped with "for layout only" - but I used it as a drill guide without any problems.